Be sure to pick up Origins of Departure, a companion to the new album Light Sensitive featuring a collection of instrumental suites performed by the entire WPA Ballclub with special guest jazz guitarist Jack Silverman. Don't miss the video Variations Of A Lost Summertime directed and photographed by Liz Tormes. Origins of Departure will be available for a limited time only.  Check it out




Check out Light Sensitive, the new album by Paul Burch & WPA Ballclub,  out now on Plowboy Records. Get your autographed copy on CD or LP or order a digital download at our mercantile.

Produced with GRAMMY winning bassist Dennis Crouch and featuring multi-instrumentalist Fats Kaplin along with guests Robyn Hitchcock, Amy Rigby, Luther Dickinson, and Aaron Lee Tasjan. Thanks to Sheila Sachs with Catie Baumer Schwalb for the photography and design. 

Read the reviews in No Depression, American Songwriter, Chicago Reader and World Cafe. Listen to Craig Havighurst's interview with The String and read PB's essay on songwriting in Bluegrass Situation's 5+5 series. Also check out the video for "Love Came Back" (above) featuring special guest Robyn Hitchcock with footage by Liz Tormes, Camille Brinson, Carey Kotsionis, and the WPA Ballclub family. Hungry?  NPR's Our Daily Breather series features the Burch family recipe for Hot Chicken Quarantine.

Thanks to the Nashville Scene for their feature on the making of the "Love Came Back" video.  "It’s hard to listen to Light Sensitive — whose sound draws from folk, blues, postwar R&B and lots more — without admiring the quality of Burch’s songcraft. The album’s dozen tracks aren’t biographical, but they’re inspired by the lives and times of some extraordinarily colorful characters of the South. The lyrics are at once playful and dense with allusion, rendering his subjects with the depth and boldness of an oil painting. Light Sensitive is a gas....and is further proof that he’s one of our finest wordsmiths and interpreters of the world around us."


Stunning Soundscapes! 

American Songwriter awarded Light Sensitive a 4.5 star review calling it "a stunning series of blurs the boundaries between rock, blues, balladry and sounds that take their inspiration and origins from any number of geographic locales spread across the American south.

A master of crafting songs specific to whatever scenario is called for, Burch and company have fashioned a series of songs that ought to bring them the increased attention that’s so decidedly their due. Light Sensitive is nothing less than illuminating indeed."

Also check out American Songwriter's preview for "The Tell" ace photographer Jim Herrington's premier video.  Jim's debut book The Climbers chronicled the first generation of modern mountain climbers and won the Grand Prize at the 2017 Banff Book Awards as well as the Mountaineering History Award. Learn more at Jim's website.


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LOVING JIM RIDLEY Don't miss People Only Die of Love in Movies, the collected film writing of Jim Ridley. Jim's passing in 2016 left the Nashville community he championed heartbroken. Jim's essay on Jacques Demy's The Umbrellas of Cherbourg sums up our feelings of gratitude to have known his friendship."When I watch it now, it reminds me of the doorjamb in my grandmother’s house with my height marked in pencil over the years, or the dresser with my own children’s measurements notched along the edge. In it I see the person I was and the person I turned out to be, but the object itself will always be the same. It will wait, forever." 



MISS THE MISSISSIPPI AND YOU Ken Burns' Country Music documentary is showing on NPT Passport. If you've missed it, put down the phone, get some chicken & dumplings, and gander at Episode 1 featuring the Carter Family and the Blue Yodeler, Jimmie Rodgers. Until a major JR documentary comes along, this will serve as the best introduction to the strange and miraculous tale of the vagabond turned proto rock star who set a new course for American music.

Don't miss PB & WPAs Meridian Rising which imagines the life of Jimmie Rodgers and features a galaxy of legends from Nashville and beyond including Billy Bragg, Jon Langford, Richard Bennett, Fats Kaplin, Tim O'Brien, William Tyler, and Garry Tallent of the E Street Band. Stream it at Rolling Stone, read the NPR feature, and visit our tent shows below where all is revealed.

Jimmie Rodgers goes to Manhattan

Jimmie Rodgers goes to Manhattan

Timeline In Song

Timeline In Song

The Story of Meridian Rising

The Story of Meridian Rising