Meridian Rising

The Story

Jimmie's Big Break

Timeline in Song

Meet Your Conductor


Meridian Rising is an imagined musical autobiography of Jimmie Rodgers featuring the voice and 6 & 12 string guitar of Paul Burch with his WPA Ballclub along with the Meridian Rising Players.  Visit our tent shows above to find out more and meet the Meridian Rising Players below.
Roy Agee, trombone
Justin Amaral, drum set
Richard Bennett, electric guitar & National tri-cone
Billy Bragg, vocal  
Henry Burch
, tom tom & percussion
Dennis Crouch, upright bass
Dominic Davis, rhythm guitar
Chloe Feoranzo, clarinet & tenor saxophone
Cal Gray, baritone sax
Jim Gray, rhythm guitar
Jen Gunderman, piano, harmonium, and accordion
Fats Kaplin, tenor banjo, fiddle, electric Hawaiian steel guitar
Emily Nelson, cello
Jon Langford, vocal
Tim O'Brien, bouzouki & fiddle
Tommy Perkinson, drum set
Jack Silverman, archtop guitar
Garry Tallent, tuba
William Tyler, acoustic guitar
Bernie Walker, trumpet
Roger Wiesmeyer, oboe