Loser's Way to Get Along
Living, Forgiving
13 Nights
Born to Wait
Sage Advice
Your Red Wagon
Jackson, TN
Sundown Is A Lonesome Time
I'm Your Daddy Now
Baby, I Ain't Gotta Do That No More
Down Hill & Shady

Producer Paul Burch
Recording and Balance Mark Nevers, Hank Tilbury

Cover Photo Jim Herrington
Design Bruno Boussard


Pan American Flash
Recorded live in the studio for a little over $1,000, Pan American Flash was the first album produced during the "Lower Broadway" honky tonk revival which included BR549, Greg Garing, and other artists whose late night unbridled performances brought live music back to the once-abandoned honky tonks in downtown Nashville.

Billboard Chet Flippo
Extraordinary … establishing Burch as a leader in marrying country’s roots tradition with a modern sensibility.

Music Row
Everyday I wish cool guys like this would rise up and smite the evil pretenders to country music.

Top 10 Country Albums of the 90s