Forever Yours
Long Distance Call
Tonight, Tonight
How Do I Know
Hard Woman Blues
Hitting Bottom
Oh My Darlin'
Carter Cain
Foolish Things the Lonely Do
Head Over Heels
(Lester Flatt)

Producer Paul Burch
Arrangements PB and Dennis Crouch

Recording and Balance George Bradfute, PB, and Mark Nevers

Photography Jim Herrington
Design Meg Giuffrida  

Rarely does a record this good come straight outta Nashville. The Ballclub plays with real verve and lightness of touch, and Burch himself sings like an angel, albeit an angel wearing a Stetson. As well as the Jimmie Rodgers influence, several of Burch's songs - particularly the perfectly-honed "Isolda" - are on at least first-name terms with some Sad-Eyed Ladies of the Lowlands and Girls from the North Country. No bad thing. But I doubt if anybody, Dylan included, has written a more quietly beautiful song than "Willpower" in the last few years.