Like A Train
Little Bells
Honey Blue
Down to the Blackmarket
Still Your Man
It Ain't Right
(Walter Jacobs)
Ballad of Henry & Jimmy
Vena Amore
Waiting For My Ship
Lead Me On
Saving All My Saturday Nights
Please Send For Me
Paul Burch's Rattlesnake Daddy Blues

Producer PB, Dennis Crouch, Jen Gunderman
Recording and Balance PB, Buster Allen
(Honey Blue)
Mastering Don Cobb, Eric Conn


Photography Bridget Carrillo, Melissa Fuller (pancake)
Design Steve Averill

Guitar, Vibraphone, Drums, Ele. Piano (Blackmarket) PB
Upright Bass Dennis Crouch
Electric Bass Jim Gray
Piano, Accordion Jen Gunderman
Fiddle Fats Kaplin
Drums Marty Lynds
Harmony Kelly Hogan
Bouzouki Tim O'Brien

NPR Song of the Day Thank goodness for Paul Burch's fumbling fingers: The latter-day honky-tonk artist accidentally erased the finished take of his song "Honey Blue," so he put an earlier version on his new album, Still Your Man. As a result, the track has an earthy, impromptu feel, as if a bunch of talented musicians just wandered into a studio — in this case, a converted Nashville garage — and began jamming.

All Music There are many twists and turns in this collection, little touches that add so much delight and surprise in the experience of hearing it. Despite all the technical details, who played what and where, the most endearing thing about Still Your Man is that every song is about love and devotion no matter how stylistically diverse. And though its elements add depth and dimension to the opinion that it might have been recorded in the '40s or the '50s, it couldn't have arrived at any other time in music history.

Triangle Music On his seventh album, Still Your Man, Burch challenges what it means to be modern. There is no auto-tune or any of the other gloss that's slathered on today's country music. In fact, these 14 tracks play like a survey of old honky-tonk and rhythm and blues styles. Burch's fantastic songwriting and small musical touches blend with this timeless sound and result in an album that is both contemporary and classic.